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Frequently Asked Questions About Pheasant Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions About Pheasant Hunting

My boys are 12 and 13 years old, and I would like to take them to South Dakota for some pheasant hunting. Do they need a license?

Your boys will need a youth hunting license, and will also need to have successfully completed a hunter safety course as well. We welcome the chance to work with the "future of our sport".

I'd like to bring my hunting dog with me when I come. Will you have a kennel for the dog? Is there any extra charge for bringing my dog?

Your well trained hunting dog is welcome at the ranch and there are new kennel facilities available. We do not charge extra for kennel space.

Do you provide bird cleaning service?

Bird cleaning is available at the ranch and is included in the full service hunting package. For day hunts bird cleaning is also available at a cost of $5.00 a bird. All birds are packaged, frozen and ready for travel at your departure time.

How many hunters can be in a group? How many do you recommend?

South Dakota state law is no more than 20 in a hunting party. We recommend 10-16 hunters to effectively cover the fields, our lodge comfortably accommodates 16.

What is a typical day like at the Wagon Wheel Ranch?

The day starts with a hearty home-style breakfast sure to prime the pump! On your first day in, an in-depth safety meeting is held for everyone. Field transportation is provided in our modified school buses stocked with pop and water coolers for your convenience. Once in the fields you will see hundreds of birds each day with plenty of opportunities to pull the trigger. Our hunts are operated with safe and ethical practices. Our guides do not carry guns and are there to make every moment enjoyable while you bag your limit. All of our dogs are professionally trained and are close working reliable retrievers who are an absolute joy to watch. After the hunt you can relax around the fire pit, shoot more sporting clays, enjoy the game room or just sit back and take in the scenery and reflect on the day. Supper will cap of your day and will surely fill the largest appetites; also a good night's sleep is almost assured!

What do I pack for a South Dakota pheasant hunt?

The weather in South Dakota is ever-changing. The best advice is to pack layers; you can always add or take off. Hunter orange is required at the Wagon Wheel as are safety glasses. We do have a selection of hats, and apparel if you choose to purchase some things here. Next to hunter orange and safety glasses in importance would be a pair of comfortable waterproof boots; you will definitely appreciate them while walking the various terrains in the fields. We have rental guns if you wish, please let us know in advance if you will be needing one. Shells and hearing protection are also available for your convenience. Cabela's is nearby so you should be able to find anything will need on your trip. Last but not least, you are responsible for your South Dakota hunting license; which are available online or at a number of stores nearby.

Are deposits for hunts refundable

No. All deposits are non-refundable