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Wagon Wheel Ranch - Testimonials

Check out what our guests have to say about our ranch and hunting here at Wagon Wheel Ranch in South Dakota.

Jack Bogan


Wesley Wright

“Your venue for entertaining clients is first class. My clients always comment on the quality of the lodging, the food and the total atmosphere of the Ranch. First and foremost for the people I bring is the Pheasant Hunting experience. The birds our true wild birds and there is an abundance of them. The dogs are phenomenal and watching them work is part of the total experience. The guides are a pleasure to work with and everyone goes out of their way to make the event an unforgettable experience. In addition, the added sporting clay range is a nice touch when you are back at the lodge after a full day of hunting. We have had so much fun over the years that we now have booked 2 groups a year. Again thanks for all you do and I love to hear the word ROOSTER”!  WES

Chuck Moore

“I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt most of my life from Mexico to above the Arctic Circle for multiple big and small game species and spend 90+ days a year in the field.  I’ve have had more than my share of experience with outfitters and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  The fact is that if I or anyone else doesn’t have an enjoyable experience with quality people, we don’t go back.  Our group has hunted pheasants for more than ten years with Curt and Maureen at the Wagon Wheel Ranch.  They are hardworking honest people that provide a truly quality and memorable hunt and we have NEVER failed to bag our limit of fast flying birds.  Photos show the fantastic accommodations and smiling faces but I’ll tell you that Curt, Maureen, Michael, Wren and staff are truly good friends and good people.  From the excellent food to the transportation and the fields they hunt, you will be impressed and try to book your week for the following year.  If you’ve never hunted over a quality brace of flushing labs or want to rekindle your passion for poetry in motion, this is an opportunity you won’t regret as Curt is a professional breeder/trainer as well.  I give you my highest recommendation for them and to show you how nice they are, we’ve even had them down to our place to waterfowl hunt.  I’m pleased to answer any questions you might have and good luck getting your spot reserved because their clients tend to return year after year”.

Chuck Moore

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Bio: Chuck is a retired Judge and practicing lawyer from Tennessee. With many whitetails, mule deer, elk and wild turkey to his credit, his true passion is for birds, labs and wing shooting.  A duck hunter from the Mississippi flyway since 1965, he enjoys an annual trip to have fellowship and fun at the Wagon Wheel Ranch in Kimball, South Dakota, in the heart of pheasant country.

Mike Miccihie

"I stopped referring to Curt as "the guy who runs the Wagon Wheel Ranch" or "the guide I hunt pheasants with" and began calling him my friend on my second trip to his ranch. That was seven trips ago. When anyone says that the people in South Dakota are the salt of the earth and the nicest, friendliest people you'll ever meet, they are talking about Curt, Maureen, Michael and the rest of their staff. To say they run a first class pheasant hunting operation is simply saying too little - from the shooting, to the accommodations, to the food, and the atmosphere. The problem with the Wagon Wheel Ranch is that you go home with a worn-out gun, sore ribs, and pants that don't fit anymore..too much good shooting, too much laughing, and too much good food." Thanks!

Robert Fox

"Having hunted in South Dakota starting in the mid 70's and growing up in the Midwest hunting all the time, the experience of hunting at the Wagon Wheel Ranch is as authentic as my first trip to South Dakota thirty six years ago. From the rolling terrain and great cover matched with great dogs/guides and lots of pheasants we will be making our sixth consecutive trip this Fall to hunt with Curt and Maureen at the Wagon Wheel Ranch"  "Most of all you have that feeling that you are going home to hunt with your family"

Jackson W. Bogan

"Thank you for the wonderful hunting experiences over the past five years.  I look forward to the next five.  By the way, just because we have not booked past that, does not mean you can fill our spot. The improvements you have made are outstanding.  The game room was truly a surprise. Maureen's cooking is phenomenal.  I am not sure what is better, the cooking or the pheasant hunting.  Regardless, the meals add to the great experience. Finally, I would like to thank you for taking care of those we have referred.  It is a very comforting feeling knowing we can send people your way without any concerns. I look forward to hunting with you in the near future. Give the dogs a pat on the head for me."

Jackson W. Bogan

Pheasant Forever Sagamore Chapter Banquet Chair

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