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Guided Pheasant Hunting South Dakota

Guided Pheasant Hunting South Dakota

South Dakota is considered the ringneck pheasant capital of the world. The Chinese ringnecked pheasant was introduced into South Dakota about a hundred years ago.

Pheasant Hunting SD

Pheasants | Habitat & Food

Prime pheasant habitat occurs in areas with a mixture of grain fields, grasslands, and woodlands or thickets. In these areas, they can attain the four basic needs of wildlife; food, water, shelter, and space.

Adult pheasants feed on a variety of seeds, insects, and berries. The majority of their diet consists of grains, such as corn, wheat, oats, barley, and buckwheat, that have fallen to the ground. Large numbers of pheasants can be found in many areas where habitat friendly practices are implemented. Pheasants get the water they need from seeds, berries, dew, and rainwater pools.

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SD Pheasant Hunting Guides & Dogs

The Guided Pheasant Hunt at Wagon Wheel Ranch?

Perhaps the best word to describe South Dakota pheasant hunting at the Wagon Wheel Ranch would be MEMORABLE! We are dedicated to providing our pheasants with the habitat that nature intended them to have. On the 5,300 acres we manage for pheasant hunting, we practice farming techniques focused primarily on pheasant habitat. This practice allows them not only to thrive and rear their young but also provides our hunters with fields of years gone by and filled bag limits. As you walk into the fields of CRP, corn, sorghum, cattails, grass and trees, you are sure to be amazed! We pride ourselves on our attention to habitat; we farm for pheasants first and that's what will make your experience here unforgettable.

Guided Pheasant hunting in SD

The Pheasant Hunting at Wagon Wheel Ranch

The pheasant is actually the state bird of South Dakota. Depending on the number of hunters in a group, our style of hunting will be to utilize walkers and blockers to effectively work the fields in a safe and ethical manner while our dogs work the cover closely in front of you. You'll quickly see that the pheasant hunting and the amount of birds in our area is spectacular!

Your hunting experience will take you through a variety of food plots, grasses, waterways, and natural rustic habitat that allows the birds thrive. The hunting lodge is located in the heart of pheasant country, amongst the "Golden Triangle" of pheasant hunting, and you will see large numbers of birds in many fields. Before you head out to hunt the ringneck, be sure to take in our sporting clays course to sharpen your wing shooting skills. After the hunt, enjoy more sporting clays, 2-man flurry shoot, sitting around the fire pit relaxing, swap stories on the deck, or just enjoy the peace and tranquilty of South Dakota!

Also our attention to safety and personal interaction will allow hunters of all ages to feel relaxed while in the field. Our friendly, fun and knowledgeable guides, with professionally trained dogs will be a highlight of your SD pheasant hunt.

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